Network Theory

John Baez (a mathematician) posts about Network Theory and the contributions math might make.

– dml

2 thoughts on “Network Theory

  1. I enjoyed the article. I wrote:

    I wish there were a branch of mathematics—in my dreams I call it green mathematics—that would interact with biology and ecology just as fruitfully as traditional mathematics interacts with physics.

    I had a thought here (and I know I’m swimming in deep waters), but perhaps your wish might be fulfilled if you thought about “greening” from the “O” part instead of the “I” part of I/O. In a sense, so long as your mathematical output results in something green, this would relieve the necessity of creating some sort of “green math”. Math is math. Let the results of your math be green and there you have it. Just a thought. Good article.


  2. As used in outcome-based (aka political) transportation planning , “green mathmatics” are already with us. Before there was green math there was social justice math, equity math, advocacy math, city beautiful math, etc…


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