Going up?

Donald Norman talks about
New elevator design

– dml

2 thoughts on “Going up?

  1. The New York Times’s new building has these. I was visiting for a seminar, and while I was baffled and didn’t use them right on my first attempt, it only took one effort to learn how to. I love the idea.
    The only issue is when they grow more common, people won’t be able to assume which building use which system. (But they will be more prepared.)


  2. 7 World Trade Center has these, too, but the users never do anything. As you check into security the guard assigns an elevator and tells you which one will take you up. Coming down you can only go to the first floor. I assume delivery elevators do not use this system.
    One odd outcome is you never learn how tall a building is. I know 7 WTC is at least 40 stories as that’s the floor I occasionally go to. I have no idea how many stories are actually in the building.


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