Can’t find a parking spot? Get a hybrid … or a baby.

From the Pioneer Press: Can’t find a parking spot? Get a hybrid … or a baby:
New types of restricted slots are popping up in local parking lots, but not everyone’s a fan.

This (at least the “fuel efficient cars” part is occurring because of LEED, which I have railed about before).
Buildings are not ‘energy efficient’ if they are surrounded by parking and require driving to get there, even if that parking privileges certain travelers, even if those cars are “fuel efficient”. Fuel efficiency should be its own reward. The enforcement hassle (is the car listed with some fuel efficiency list which no one knows and is not current?) make the whole thing a ridiculous game. This is not quite as bad as giving hybrids preference in HOV lanes, but almost as silly.

One thought on “Can’t find a parking spot? Get a hybrid … or a baby.

  1. A few times recently I have driven to pick people up at LAX in the middle of the day. The parking structure is insanely full (perhaps especially at Terminal 4, for some reason) with lots of people circling endlessly looking for a space.
    On one such trip I had been trying to park for twenty minutes. Passing the bank of mysteriously empty “LEV/FEV” spaces for the fifth time, I suddenly thought, “Does that mean Low Emission Vehicle? Does this Prius count?” I decided that it probably did (although I wasn’t 100% sure, there was no signage other than “LEV/FEV” and even a web search didn’t make me 100% sure) and parked my Prius there.
    I think that the average person, even the average Prius driver, may not throw around the acronym “LEV/FEV” every day and may not even realize that this perk is being bestowed on them. I was used to seeing privileged parking for all-electric cars, but it did not occur to me for twenty minutes that there would be special parking spaces for a hybrid.


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