Metro area is in line for color-coded transit

From the Strib (h/t HumanTransit) Metro area is in line for color-coded transit
University of Minnesota graduate Cole Hiniker is quoted:

“As we have a more complicated system that includes different modes, such as light rail and commuter rail, we need to illustrate to the customer how they can use all the services in an efficient manner,” Cole Hiniker, a Met Council transportation planner, told Dakota County Board members recently as they learned how the plan could affect transit on Cedar Avenue

There are currently 127 bus routes, 1 LRT and 1 CR line in the Twin Cities, I can get a box of crayons with 128 colors, but somehow I don’t think that is the best way to proceed. Clearly colors can be used for the top lines, but the rest of the network is confusing to non-regular users.

We should think about simplifying the network structure or network presentation, not just branding, when we organize things.

Unfortunately, you still have attitudes like this:

“If you’re going to make the branding look alike on [BRT] buses and LRT, make the actual vehicle look the same,” Commissioner Paul Krause said. “I have said this many, many times, and it still scares me that we’re going to get a [regular] bus or a bus-looking BRT.”

Buses are not LRT, they should not look like LRT. If Krause were in London, he would not want buses to look like the Underground, or the DLR, would he?

Smart travel card to ease global travel

From the Telegraph: Smart travel card to ease global travel – a proposal to standardize contactless payment for transit systems globally, which would reduce costs to operators and be convenient for world travelers. You would think the credit card companies would be on this already, but apparently not.