Driving a message home with an optical illusion


Driving a message home with an optical illusion – The Globe and Mail: “”

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Motorists travelling on 22nd Street in West Vancouver will be confronted with a 3D image of a little girl chasing a ball in the street starting next Tuesday. The girl will be an optical illusion, but the scenario is very real, according to David Dunne of the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation.
‘We need to expect the unexpected because anything could happen, whether it is a 3D image on the road … or whether it’s a live child or a dog running in front of the car, these are all things that we have to be able to control for in a vehicle,” Mr. Dunne said.

As my wife says sarcastically “Really, what could go wrong?” I will leave that answer as an exercise for the reader, but I will give one hint, risk compensation