With a Sit-Down Stand, a Briton Kicks the Boot






From NYTimes

With a Sit-Down Stand, a Briton Kicks the Boot:

“Mr. Zafaryab, 27, defied a tow-truck team by sitting in his car for 30 hours, eventually running up more than $6,000 in parking fines, as towing company officials, supporters of Mr. Zafaryab and police officers gathered in the delivery area behind a shopping plaza where he had started it all by parking for two hours in a restricted zone.

Eventually, with the popular hubbub rising, the towing company relented, after plastering Mr. Zafaryab’s windshield with more than 40 tickets, and settled for a $160 fine. But the episode, which occurred last Wednesday, had reverberations far beyond the showdown at the Plaza Parade in the London neighborhood of Wembley, where Mr. Zafaryab parked to visit a nearby mosque for his noon prayers — then decided to make a stand, as he put it, for “the little man.”

On Tuesday, the British government announced that it would introduce legislation in the fall banning private companies from clamping — the British term for what Americans know as “booting” — or towing any vehicle parked on private land, and limiting the companies to a regulated system of parking tickets.”

What they do to illegally parked cars in London (in this case, probably a stolen car as well), shown in the pictures, taken by me from my flat in 2006.

Illegal parking is of course wrong, but private law enforcement is a dubious practice.

2 thoughts on “With a Sit-Down Stand, a Briton Kicks the Boot

  1. hi they are hopefully abolishing this awful practice of clamping, towing and then charging up to £500 to get YOUR car back… Yes people should not park on private land, nor should they block other people in. However, there has been a major problem with people parking on land not realizing it is private (ie; the sign saying it is and you will be clamped is so so small you would need the Hubble telescope to find it). Incidentally this practice has been outlawed in Scotland for a number of years.
    Maybe they could get rid of speed cameras and “sleeping policeman” next and the British once again could enjoy driving lol


  2. Wow, $6,000 in parking fines are pretty steep. But hopefully somebody learned lesson from this case. Violation is violation no matter what the excuse is out there.


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