Franklin/East River Parkway five way intersection

I previously posted thoughts about the

Franklin/East River Parkway five way intersection

(suggesting roundabout or even unsignaled shared space). Due to the recent construction, all of the traffic signals have been removed and not yet replaced. As a motorist and pedestrian I regularly use the intersection which is now (temporarily) a five-way stop. My own view (and that of others I have talked with in a form of casual empiricism): construction should be stopped immediately, it works much better (less delay all around) as a five-way stop than a five-way signal controlled intersection. This may change when school is back in session, or when Washington Ave is closed, or it may not, the only way to know is to retain the stop control.

One thought on “Franklin/East River Parkway five way intersection

  1. I can see where there’d be an empirical conclusion of such, but I think you’d need hard data to back it up. Study the current “temporary” 5-way stop to generate hard numbers and see if it really is creating less overall delay.
    But do it in September/October after school’s back in session. Makes more sense to study a condition that lasts 8+ months out of the year than one that lasts only 3-4 months.


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