Cities tackle traffic head-on with commuter options

USA Today profiles Minneapolis Cities tackle traffic head-on with commuter options finally published. I get quoted briefly at the bottom. Also misquoted, I was talking about mode share on all trips, the article says work trips.
For the record, Brookings estimates Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington Transit mode share at 4.8% in 2008, nationally transit commuters are about 5.0% of all commuters.
Non-work transit mode share is much lower. Overall,
Transit Person Miles Traveled nationally is about 1% of Annual Private Vehicle Person Miles Traveled (source: Polzin and Chu: A Closer Look at Public Transportation Mode Share Trends. Journal of Transportation and Statistics 8(3)) Trip shares are a bit higher for transit since trip length for most bus trips is lower than private car.
The Twin Cities TBI (2000) estimated for all purposes transit mode share of 2.5%.
I think this could be fixed by deleting “work” from “work trips” in the ante-penultimate paragraph.

One thought on “Cities tackle traffic head-on with commuter options

  1. The thing is how do you test and measure the results?
    If there is no testing and measuring, how will you know what is working?
    I am always sceptical with the “research shows” results. Reason is, the research… what research are the articles referring to? Let’s not just accept the “research shows” as a be all and end all because the research is sometimes not adequate.
    I am wondering does anyone other than me have an opinion on this?
    What do you think?


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