3-D Pavement Art:

And now for something different: 3-D Pavement Art: Edgar Mueller – Ice Age/The Crevasse

“Edgar Müller – a Master of 3d Pavement Art – needed 5 days to the completion of this huge picture. Together with up to five assistant he painted all day long from sun rise to set. The enormous illusion is reached by applying the anamorphic technique to a huge pavement painting. Around 250 square meter large this picture is part of Edgar’s newest project. He paints over urban areas to give them a different look and thereby challenge the audience’s perception.”

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2 thoughts on “3-D Pavement Art:

  1. This is awesome. I have never seen such an optical illusion. I watched it for several minutes. I am going to put this video on my video list to watch.


  2. This is quite an impressive visual effect. I have seen art used in various ways as a means to beautify urban settings, but I have never seen anything quite like this in my travels. clearly a lot of work went into achieving this. Thanks for sharing the video!


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