Nimble Cities

Tom Vanderbilt has curated the Nimble Cities project at Slate.
There are some good ideas (nothing I haven’t seen before, unfortunately, though lots that has yet to be implemented). Clearly the voting was gamed by at least some of the participants. (“Humanity’s Highway to a Sustainable Society Submitted by George Schrader”). I am pleased to see the Land Value Tax (“eliminate the property tax”) getting some love (if not some gamesmanship), as well as ultra-narrow cars. Lots of attention for bicycles (3 of top 10), especially given their current mode share in US cities.
Reallocating roadspace (modally, directionally, by vehicle type, dynamically, etc.) needs far more attention than it gets.

Quick links: Software to “help” travelers.

Wikidirections A wiki for directions (for those who prefer not to use GPS or mapping services). Essentially no content yet. Will there ever be?
Google’s OpenSpot Find an open parking spot, if someone notifies this service AND it hasn’t been taken by someone else before you get there. Ultimately doomed because it cannot be useful unless it is automatic and ubiquitous. (And it won’t be ubiquitous unless it is useful).