Journal of Transport and Land Use 3(1)

Journal of Transport and Land Use, Volume 3 Issue 1 is now out.
Papers include:

  • The impact of telecommuting on residential relocation and residential preferences: A latent class modelling approach by Dick Ettema
  • Equip the warrior instead of manning the equipment: Land use and transport planning support in the Netherlands by Marco te Brommelstroet
  • Finding food: Issues and challenges in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to measure food access by Ann Forsyth, Leslie Lytle, and David Van Riper
  • Efficiency and equity of orbital motorways in Madrid by Juan Carlos Martin, Juan Carlos García-Palomares, Javier Gutierrez, and Concepción Román
  • Evaluation of land use-transportation systems with the Analytic Network Process by Reza Banai
  • Assessing the impacts of Light Rail Transit on urban land in Manila by Javier F. Pacheco-Raguz
  • Discussion of “The Role of Employment Subcenters in Residential Location Decisions” between Uri Avin and Daniel A. Rodriguez