Mayor’s Transport Strategy | Greater London Authority

London has just posted the Mayor’s Transport Strategy . This is an exceedingly well done (and aesthetically pleasing) plan, even if you don’t agree with every specific.

Clock is ticking for Australia’s bikini-clad Meter Maids – Australasia, World – The Independent

From The Independent

For decades women in gold lycra bikinis have patrolled the streets of Surfers Paradise, the popular resort on Queensland’s Gold Coast, feeding meters to save motorists from parking fines.
The maids first appeared in 1965, the brainchild of a Surfers entrepreneur, Bernie Elsey, who wanted to highlight the opposition of local businesses to the introduction of parking meters. Since then, they have become an institution on the Gold Coast, a 21-mile strip of beaches backed by nightclubs, souvenir shops and fast-food outlets.

This is essentially advertiser sponsored parking.

The PPP is the scandal no one noticed

Christian Wolmar, author of the excellent history “Down the Tube” says

” One could hardly write the script as fiction. On the very day that Gordon Brown is teetering on the edge of oblivion and the House of Lords, one of his cherished projects, the London Underground PPP is breathing its last. The news that Transport for London is going to be taking over Tube Lines and running the contracts to maintain the Tube leaked out on the very day that voters were going to the polls. Since Metronet has already gone to join Railtrack, various franchises and the Strategic Rail Authority in the big dustbin of failed organisations, the demise of Tube Lines effectively means that the PPP joins this infamous group.”