Saint Paul Radial Lines

Continuing a series on hypothetical future transit routes in the Twin Cities, it appears no one has drawn what such a dedicated right-of-way fixed route transit network would look like in Saint Paul. Individual lines have appeared in various documents, but I have yet to see anything assembled together. Hence a map of possible radial lines in Saint Paul. This network complements the Minneapolis Orbital and Saint Paul Circle Lines previously posited.
There are several radials. Clockwise from the SW we have the Fort Road/7th Street line, running from downtown to the airport (and continuing along the Hiawatha LRT line from there (sharing track also with the Minneapolis Orbital).

Next is the Grand Avenue line from downtown, up Summit Ave to Grand Ave out to St. Thomas University.

The Central Corridor remains (not shown)

There is a northwest line, following roughly a restored Como Avenue line from downtown to the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus in Falcon Heights. This would intersect the Snelling Avenue stretch of the Minneapolis Orbital.

A line runs north parallel to Rice Avenue and I-35E on existing Railroad RoW.

A line runs to the northeast along Arcade, switching to a railroad RoW (now the Bruce Vento Trail) to White Bear Lake. This passes St. Johns Hospital, but is a little off of Maplewood Mall (which is inconveniently located vis a vis existing RoW).

There is a line to the east toward Woodbury along Kellogg Boulevard and then 3rd Street, which passes through the 3M HQ campus and then along I-94 to Woodbury.

The Robert Street line runs south from downtown along Robert Street to I-494.
In downtown, the lines connect with the Saint Paul Inner Circle Service, and outside of downtown, all cross or share track with the Saint Paul Outer Circle Service.