Apple like railroads in 1800s

Adobe, which makes Flash, is complaining about Apple Computer ensuring that only its own compilers be used for developing software on the iPhone OS,. This story from MarketWatch quotes an Adobe executive comparing Apple to the railroads (which strangely enough, I just did in the previous post in a completely different context.
Apple like railroads in 1800s: Adobe tech chief

“Apple’s playing this strategy where they want to create a walled garden” around the Internet, Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch remarked at a tech conference in San Francisco. He then compared the company’s moves to the deployment of railways with varying gauges in the 1800s, which precluded compatibility with the trains of rivals.
“If you look at what’s going on right now, it’s kind of like railroads in the 1800s,” Lynch said.

One thought on “Apple like railroads in 1800s

  1. I have walls (fences) around my garden, and the rabbits still get in. I think Apple operates more like a green house: secure, controlled environment that produces uniformly beautiful, healthy and functional plants (products).


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