Nick Clegg @ University of Minnesota

Not much to do with transportation, but according to wikipedia Nick Clegg, who is the leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrats, and doing surprisingly well in the lead up to their Parliamentary Elections, spent a year at the University of Minnesota.
If Tim Pawlenty were to get the Republican nomination and be elected, it would be possible that both the PM of the UK and the President of the US were both U of M alums. How often have leaders of both countries attended the same schools (e.g. Clinton and Blair both went to Oxford)?
Like the Vikings and the Superbowl, Minnesota is doomed to bridesmaidery in national elections. Consider Presidents Harold Stassen, Hubert Humphrey, and Walter Mondale.
Anyway, for the record, I’m with Nick.

One thought on “Nick Clegg @ University of Minnesota

  1. Hmm..Wikipedia? I believe it was me that informed you that Clegg was an UMN alumnist or attended the U during graduate school. The better citation is LA Times.


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