New Way To Guide A Car: With Your Eyes, Not Hands

Via Kurzweil, NPR writes: New Way To Guide A Car: With Your Eyes, Not Hands

German researchers have developed a new technology that lets drivers steer cars using only their eyes.

“The car can do everything. It can drive autonomously or it can be guided by a driver’s eyes,” Rojas said. The compromise is a mode that has the car driving on its own, basing its decisions on input from scanners and cameras, and only requires the driver to give guidance at crossroads.
“The car stops at intersections and asks the driver for guidance on which road to take,” the researchers say. A few seconds of attention with the driver looking in his desired direction get the car flowing again.
To demonstrate the car’s autonomy, Rojas at one point jumped in front of the car — which was at that moment driving at perhaps 10 miles per hour — and the Dodge was immediately stopped by the cameras that had detected the obstacle.

One can see the issues with this without looking very far, but interesting technology nonetheless.