Can’t Cross A Virtual Wall by Hanyoung Lee » Yanko Design

Another hypothesis about a technology that might improve traffic safety (h/t Mike on Traffic) Can’t Cross A Virtual Wall A holographic projection of pedestrians in a crosswalk, so they are more obvious to drivers.

One can think of many issues, among them driver expectations being reset. I.e. if this is one place, fine, it may alert drivers, but if this is “almost” everywhere, it might create problems where it is not. And what if it fails where expected?

Despite lack of MnDOT funds, ‘burbs push projects

Another 8 seconds of fame. Apparently I was on the radio Tuesday, in an MPR story by Dan Olson. Either no one heard it or it is so routine no one mentioned it … Despite lack of MnDOT funds, ‘burbs push projects

David Levinson, a University of Minnesota transportation engineering professor, questions the wisdom of building new interchanges when we can’t take care of what we have.
“We clearly haven’t been spending enough to maintain our existing facilities,” he said. “That suggests we shouldn’t be spending very much on new infrastructure when we have a lot of infrastructure that will deteriorate and be very costly to replace when it fails.”