Sustainable Immobility

Link from Bruce Sterling: ElectroSmog:
International Festival for Sustainable Immobility

From the site:

“ElectroSmog is a new festival that explores the concept ‘Sustainable Immobility’ in theory and practice. Sustainable Immobility is first of all a critique of the growing global crisis of mobility. Current forms of hyper-mobility of people and products in travel and transport are ecologically increasingly unsustainable. The will to slow down, however, seems thoroughly absent. The economic crisis may have temporarily slowed matters down, long term projections still point towards exponential growth of worldwide mobility and exploding energy needs. Alternatives for the current state of hyper-mobility need to be designed urgently.”

This group dislikes hyper-mobility, arguing it is unsustainable. Yet, isn’t life unsustainable? Doesn’t astro-physics tell us the sun will immolate the earth?
If this group’s radicalism is really to take root, at the extreme, we should all be trees – giving us sustainable (for everyone else) hyper-immobility.
Anyway, I look forward to local food every winter in Minnesota. Some bark or snow anyone?

One thought on “Sustainable Immobility

  1. Not bark or snow, but canned and otherwise preserved goods would likely be for dinner. (May I recommend Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”?). Humans have survived in places like MN before shipping everything thousands of miles became the norm! Perhaps a complete return to “localism” isn’t feasible, but a partial return to it could do us some good in terms of reducing energy consumption, labor exploitation, etc


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