Great River Energy HQ LEED Platinum

Great River Energy an energy cooperative, touts its new headquarters building as LEED Platinum, a rating given by the US Green Buildings Council, and has obtained lots of publicity for this. This means the building is really energy efficient. Except it is built in the middle of a sea of parking in Maple Grove Minnesota, as can be seen in this figure:
greatriver_mn.jpg or this google map (showing the site)

According to Metro Transit’s transit planner it would take some 2 hours and 21 minutes to get there from my house (compared with 25 minutes by car)
Something is wrong about touting the energy efficiency of a building that requires a lot of energy to reach. There should be some sort of Green Locations rating that would at least remove hypocrisy from the system.
(I really don’t care where they locate, I just want them to pay the full costs they impose on society and not pretend to be green when they aren’t).