“Killed by Garbage Truck”

I noticed two people have been killed by garbage trucks in Minnesota in the past few weeks, and did a google search for the phrase “killed by garbage truck”, it is not as uncommon as it may seem, or as it should be. A sampling from the first few pages of the Google search below:

I could not find a systematic database of these (which is not to say no one is tracking this, I just don’t know). So the question is, are these random tragedies, or is there a systematic problem (lack of safety equipment on trucks, poor driver training, poor pedestrian/bicyclist training)?

One thought on ““Killed by Garbage Truck”

  1. Help sought in fatal garbage truck accident (Fresno) 7/15/09

    “The California Highway Patrol is looking for anyone who may have witnessed a fatal accident at North and Chestnut avenues July 1.”


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