Clear Shuts Down

Via TechDirt, from Things with Wings Clear Shuts Down Registered Traveler Lanes

“The pilot program was rolled out with great fanfare July 18, 2005, in Orlando. Travelers initially paid $99 a year for a card that was supposed to target those who posed a minimum security risk, and give them a special line that would process them through airport security more quickly.”

These were the equivalent of HOT lanes for airport security. They have failed in the marketplace, people will only pay so much for queue jumping.

2 thoughts on “Clear Shuts Down

  1. My sense is that airport security checkpoints have added a lot of capacity (generally easier than adding freeway lanes) and increased throughput, undermining the value proposition of the Clear card.
    Also, many airline terminals have a special line for first class and elite frequent flyer passengers… so the airlines have their own “HOT product” aimed at Clear’s potential customers.


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