Cash for Clunkers Goes Thud

By Conor Clarke (The Atlantic) Cash for Clunkers Goes Thud … a critique of the scrappage scheme, and why it is not as bad as it might be, but still not good.

One thought on “Cash for Clunkers Goes Thud

  1. Most of the cars that are currently donated to charity will now be eligible for a voucher under the cash for clunkers program. Since the tax deduction for donating a car is $500 or what the car sells charities won’t be able to compete with the program and charitable car donation will end. A better idea is to just change the amount a person can deduct for donating their car back to the book value. That way every car is eligible, the government doesn’t have to spend $4 billion of our dollars giving away vouchers and trying to administer a program that is way too convoluted!


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