New bus stops for DC

Get There
– Metro Looking at Better Bus Stop Information

Dr. Gridlock links to WMATA’s Bus Stop Customer Information Study. I am not sure I agree with their conclusions, I still prefer London’s system, but this is an improvement on what has gone before.

Auto Blogging

From David Isenberg I’m posting this from my car!
There are now WiFi services you can install in your own car. (One could always (well for at least a year or two) blog via cell networks). Transit has had this for a while on trains and commuter buses.
Of course, remember, don’t blog while driving.

The Bus Stop of the Future?

EyeStop from MIT
(source Senseable City Lab )

Surely there is some middle ground.

Seattle Tolls It All

From TollRoadsNews Seattle area plans comprehensive tolling – all expressways & arterials to toll
Note this is the long range plan (2040), so the technology, economics, and politics should change about a dozen times between now and then. Seattle is planning to toll an existing untolled bridge, which will be interesting to see if that can be politically acceptable.