“A car for every worker”

Herbert Hoover is attributed telling Americans if he were elected in 1928 there would be “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage”. (though it has only been traced to a printed advert for the Republican Party in 1928, and not directly to Hoover’s lips) (Republican Party Campaign Ad. New York World, 30 October 1928).
“A chicken in every pot” sans car and garage is attributed to Henry IV of France who is said to have said each of his peasants should enjoy “a chicken in his pot every Sunday.” (or “la poule au pot”) (Ref Answers.com)
When I was in the UK in 2007 I saw on the telly a post-World War II British politician, apparently Ernest Bevin, promise ‘a car for every worker’ (I am not sure of the exact quote, a free chicken to anyone who can find a better citation), which I found with help* in this cartoon illustrating unredeemed promises
source: “http://delwedd.llgc.org.uk/delweddau/ilw/ilw01092.gif”
This slogan was later adopted by Shimon Peres while running for office in Israel in 1965.
*Acknowledgment: Thanks to Derek Halden and Erel Avineri for research on this post.

One thought on ““A car for every worker”

  1. Another funny example how history repeats itself and politicians even dont need to think about any new empty phrases.
    The old ones still work.
    Times need to change and people may not believe such crap anymore.


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