Talk at APA: Infrastructure in the Networked City Session

If you are attending the American Planning Association conference in Minneapolis this upcoming weekend, I will be presenting at the session: Infrastructure in the Networked City

Sessions S462
Day Sunday
Time 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM
Certification Maintenance CM | 1.25 credits
Uri P. Avin, FAICP
Elena Safirova
David M. Levinson
I will talk about the relationship of network structure to travel behavior.

Stimulus funds road projects — especially in Obama’s Illinois

From McClatchy: Stimulus funds road projects — especially in Obama’s Illinois

WASHINGTON — When President Barack Obama proudly announced last week that the government had approved its 2,000th transportation project under the economic stimulus plan, he hailed it as a moment “when a generation of Americans seized the chance to remake the face of this nation.”
Many of those Americans apparently live in Obama’s home state of Illinois.