The Ten Most Confusing Road Signs

Via Montreal Gazette: the site “The Ten Most” has a post on The Ten Most Confusing Road Signs In America
I have personally seen #9 and #4. #4 in St. Paul (the intersection of Montreal Ave, Montreal Ct, and Montreal Way) is by no means the most confusing aspect of St. Paul street naming, which is 7th street, which takes over 8th St and then crosses 6th and the Streets. Surely it would have been easier (and more poetic) to name it Fort Road as it is farther south of downtown.

One thought on “The Ten Most Confusing Road Signs

  1. While individual signs can be annoying (or even dangrous), the system of signs on the whole can be much worse. I know that transportation engineers can take other signs into consideration when evaluating where to place, how much text to include, and consistency of message. But it seems like they rarely do. I shudder to think how a new visitor to a city — particularly one who doesn’t know english as a first language — would be able to find a hospital or airport.


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