UK Government plans travel database

From BBC Government plans travel database. The UK will be tracking everyone entering and leaving. My first thought was “cool, can we get access to the data”, though of course “privacy concerns” will ensure only the security apparatus will have the data.

University of Minnesota new (draft) Master Plan

Just released, the Regent’s Draft of the 2009 University of Minnesota Master Plan: Capital Planning and Project Management, University of Minnesota: Twin Cities
(I co-chaired the transportation advisory group, though did not write the document).
The relevant transportation section is here (17 MB pdf)

Green Hills endangered

From NYT: In Renewed Hard Times, New Deal Architecture Faces Bulldozer
Green Hills, one of the New Deal new towns, is starting to see demolitions. Columbia, Maryland, much more recent, has already seen some. The balance between cities as living organisms and cities as historic monuments has to be drawn.