Save our Starbucks

From the Pioneer Press: Customers plan ‘Save our Starbucks’ rally in Stillwater

The company released this statement this afternoon in response to a Pioneer Press inquiry about the rally:
“Our Stillwater location is scheduled to close. The lease was set to expire on this store at the end of February, and we decided not to renew it. We are humbled by the support we’ve received from our partners and customers regarding the closure of this store. We recognize the impact this has on the community, and we value the feedback that we have received from our customers.”

That frappe has power. This vignette says something about the addictive qualities of caffeine, but more about what is important to some people of Stillwater.
Even in Stillwater, home of large homes, from the article: “The coffee shop has become a second home to a lot of people”; or as planners might say, a third place.