Nurses want more traffic safety

A nice article by Jim Foti in the Strib:
Nurses urge ‘ounce of prevention’ on Minnesota’s traffic laws
“Minnesota’s refusal to pass stricter traffic safety laws earned it the second-lowest score in a new national ranking.
“The Emergency Nurses Association released its 2008 scorecard of traffic safety in a St. Paul conference room with vivid views of Interstate 94 and the State Capitol. The group is hoping to persuade the Legislature to save lives — and lots of money — by beefing up the rules.”

“Despite its scorecard ranking, Minnesota generally does well in national surveys of overall highway deaths. In terms of traffic fatalities per 100 million miles traveled, for example, Minnesota had the second-lowest death rate, after Massachusetts, according to Cheri Marti, director of the state’s Office of Traffic Safety.”
SAT Question … look for the internal contradiction in the logic of the Emergency Nurses Association. I.e. do those measures they advocate really save lives, or is there a kind of risk compensation going on?
E.g. Given the crash, wearing a seatbelt is good, but maybe wearing a seatbelt increases the likelihood of a crash.

3 thoughts on “Nurses want more traffic safety

  1. Great article i never thought about this for nurses, they help out the public enough to have an important say in their needs and wants.


  2. wow! this is one great advice to consider. After all nurses do deserve such kind of facilities.


  3. Nurses deserve better hopefully they will enjoy these new facilities and work even harder for sick people!


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