Beck to the Future

Speaking of Beck and London Underground Maps, some alternative and future visions of the London Underground
1) An alternative representation of today by Alex Gollner
2) Anticipated 2010 network (via TfL)
3) TFL 2025 Indicative Map
Interestingly, none of these include the proposed Northern Line extension to Battersea Power Station, just showing how much more dynamic reality is then plans (with a possible opening date of the extension in 2015). (map photograph here via Annie Mole.

Beck is Back

The Confabulum Urban Rail + Graphic Design has a link to a nice BBC documentary on Harry Beck’s map of the London Underground, which was an extremely important achievement in establishing how we communicate transit information and is now emblematic of London. If only buses could be expressed as clearly (though TfL is trying).

Congestion is still down (and Franco is still dead)

Via Mike on Traffic: INRIX Congestion Study shows congestion dropping, consistent with other data previously reported.

The I-94 reconfiguration, comments from drivers

Comments on the I-94 reconfiguration (making the Riverside exit an exit only lane, dropping the fourth lane for a bit, and giving 25th Ave better entrance, via Roadguy: What a difference a lane makes

Even if “all” we do is stop dumb terrorists, we are reducing risk.

The TSA responds to the Goldberg article: Response from the TSA


Cyclopath describes itself as a geowiki for Twin Cities cyclists. It allows maps to be annotated with useful bike related information.
Article here