The Future of Driving

On Ars Technica: The Future of Driving, Part I: Robots and Grand Challenges

Part 2: Life After Driving

Jumpstarting the Transit Space Race is proposing to jumpstart the transit space race, suggesting that all proposed transit lines could be built in the US for a mere $248 billion. They provide a nice comprehensive list You know, this is less than $1000 per person (and annualized, less than $100 per person per year, less than $0.30 per day for the option of using transit if I am in a city with transit).
(And half that if we retained a federal 50% matching requirement).
(Of course, it is closer to $100,000 for every current regular transit user)
If the transit advocates promised never to advocate another line, and go away for something like 20 or 30 years, and I never had to think about this issue again, it would be well worth it to me personally.
Somehow, I think every proposed line in the US would cost more than $248 billion, (and certainly if the spigot were open, many more proposals would surface) but this includes selected intercity High Speed Rail (Milwaukee to Madison) and not others (California HSR).
Nevertheless, a nice piece of policy advocacy work in front of the coming reauthorization.