Reason study on California HSR

Reason Foundation has completed a study of the proposed California High Speed Rail line. The net: it is an unwise investment. Links below:
* News Release
* Policy Summary (.pdf)
* Full Study: The California High Speed Rail Proposal: A Due Diligence Report (.pdf)
* Brief: High-Speed Rail Plan Is A Financial Boondoggle
* Brief: Marginal Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
* Brief: Exaggerating Rails Effects on California
* Findings at Glance

4 thoughts on “Reason study on California HSR

  1. Check the first link on this page — it is not working.
    : [Fixed, -dml]
    The report is outstnding. Anyone who votes for this project after reading this report much be looney.


  2. Thanks for spreading the word about this very important report.
    We have been trying to get the voters to really understand why this is such a boondoggle, and hopefully this will help.
    You have a duplicate link on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions report. The first one doesn’t work.
    : [fixed – dml]


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