Natural Gas Cars Popular in Utah and Oklahoma

In the NYT, an article about the (relative) popularity of natural gas cars in Utah: Surge in Natural Gas Cars Has Utah Driving Cheaply
Natural gas still is hardly dominant, but suggests with the right economics (cheap natural gas, expensive petrol), a fleet conversion is plausible.

2 thoughts on “Natural Gas Cars Popular in Utah and Oklahoma

  1. The same is happening here in the Dominican Republic. Probably more, considering that gasoline prices are a couple of dollars higher than in the States, plus other obvious factors such as the difference between a first world and third world workers salaries.
    At the moment, gasoline is about 6 dollars per gallon, and liquefied petroleum gas (the form of gas fuel used here) is about 2 dollars per gallon. As prices keep increasing, the more “gas vehicles” I see on the streets. I can spot some of them, because a lot of them are pickup trucks with their gas tanks chained in their cargo bed.


  2. It’s become far easier for me to find plenty of stories for the blog on individuals who have converted their cars to run on hydrogen or electricity, or e85 since gasoline prices topped $4.00 back in June, 2008. While I haven’t heard of a way someone could convert their car to run on natural gas, the idea that you can “flip” the few cars that burn it is an idea that might appeal to some of my readers. Since I found this source through you, I will continue to keep an eye on what you’re blogging on as well. Thanks.


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