Fundamentals of Transportation

As part of our Simulating Transportation for Realistic Engineering Education and Training NSF project, we have been assembling an active textbook. The book, Fundamentals of Transportation , is part of the wikibooks project, and aims to provide pages that provide an introductory and fundamental look at transportation, targeted at the undergraduate Introduction to Transportation course.
As a wikibook, it is editable by anyone, however unlike wikipedia, we aim to keep the contributors known. If you have additions, corrections, and improvements to make, please do so, but please use your real name so we know who you are (at least on your user page) (or email me identifying yourself if you really need to be web anonymous. Additional resources, good diagrams, better explanations, problem sets, etc. are welcome. All need to meet the wikibook standard of being licensable under the GNU Free Documentation License. Anything you create and are willing to license is fine, as is public domain. Copyrighted material is not, without permission of copyright holders.
From a quality perspective, this book needs to be appropriate for an undergraduate textbook, so the difficulty level should be tuned to that. Of course, it also needs to be correct or true to the best of our knowledge.
Comments are welcome.

Academic Ranking of World Universities

The most recent Academic Ranking of World Universities is now out
The University of Minnesota ranks 28th in the World, 21st in the North American region, and 10th among US public universities (which can be compared with the oft-stated goal to be among the top 3).
Minnesota is behind UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, Penn, Washington, Madison, UCSF, Michigan, and Illinois. Given four are really part of the UC system (and UCSF was once part of UC Berkeley), we can describe ourselves as the 7th best public university system in US.
These rankings try to apply a systematic way to compare what is largely subjective. What would be useful would be looking at who produces the most Ph.D.s that go on to teaching at universities that produce Ph.Ds, etc., analogous to Google PageRank.