Will high gas prices lead to lower speeds

A nice article in Strib by Bill McAuliffe: Truckers ask other drivers to take go-slower approach (I am quoted on page 3.)
Some freight companies are having drivers slow down, but is the right economic decision for truckers the same as for passengers. Sure slowing down may save fuel, but it costs time, and time is still more precious than fuel.

One thought on “Will high gas prices lead to lower speeds

  1. Lower speed for truckers is definitely something that will save a lots of fuel. As owner of a trucking company I can tell you that a truck that goes with 60 miles per hour will need 20%-30% less fuel then one running with 75-80 miles per hour. I think to arrive 3-4 hours later ( long trips ) and save money ( especially with this gas/diesel prices ) is more then worth it.


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