Cop cams, safety or revenue?

From McClatchy (again via Boing Boing) Cop cameras don’t just catch speeders, they raise cash
There should be an equilibrium between level of enforcement (both frequency/coverage of enforcement and the associated fines) and maximum revenue, just as between level of enforcement and maximum safety. These two equilibria however are likely not equal. Formulating this model would make a good Ph.D. written exam question.

One thought on “Cop cams, safety or revenue?

  1. it would be an interesting subject for sure ( of the type that can easily attract media focus)….. but probably not an easy one to make it a good PhD dissertation subject. I could not see it embodies new perspective or new methodology……
    but agree this would be a very interesting written exam question that fosters creative answers! …… oh! I recall now my written exam question from Dr. Levinson…. a shame that after 8 years I still cannot get my bloody degree 😦


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