Cop cams, safety or revenue?

From McClatchy (again via Boing Boing) Cop cameras don’t just catch speeders, they raise cash
There should be an equilibrium between level of enforcement (both frequency/coverage of enforcement and the associated fines) and maximum revenue, just as between level of enforcement and maximum safety. These two equilibria however are likely not equal. Formulating this model would make a good Ph.D. written exam question.

Wind Turbine Syndrome

From Oregonian … Wind whips up health fears
In the category of “the leading cause of death is life”, it seems some are saying windmills will make you ill.
Whether or not this is scientifically correct (which I think remains to be convincingly demonstrated, the sample sizes in the newspaper article looked awfully small), one suspects windmill operators will have to buy out neighboring land owners to deal with this noise externality (as airports do today), driving up the price of “clean” wind power.

Will high gas prices lead to lower speeds

A nice article in Strib by Bill McAuliffe: Truckers ask other drivers to take go-slower approach (I am quoted on page 3.)
Some freight companies are having drivers slow down, but is the right economic decision for truckers the same as for passengers. Sure slowing down may save fuel, but it costs time, and time is still more precious than fuel.