The Launch of JTLU

One week ago we announced to the world the availability of the first issue of Journal of Transport and Land Use.
In that week (July 20-26) we had 1929 visits to the site, including 6121 page views. Of those visitors, 75% were new, meaning the other 25% had visited the site previously.
Visitors came to the site from 56 different countries and every US state except Wyoming, Alabama, and Rhode Island.
Just to see how quickly people read email, the vast majority of announcement emails were sent last Monday (though after work Monday in about half the world). Most people visited on Monday or Tuesday
July 21, 712
July 22, 629
July 23, 310
July 24, 161
July 25, 83
July 26, 15
July 27, 22
which forms a very nice survival curve.
Prior to the announcement, the site was averaging 10 to 20 hits per day at random (about half of which were University of Minnesota staff futzing with the site).
Even more interesting, 613 people are now registered on, up from just over 200 before we launched, so another 400 people decided JTLU was interesting enough to be notified of future issues.