Future UK PM has bike stolen while shopping

I would say, “welcome to America” (my wife has had 3 or 4 bikes stolen since I’ve known her), but this happened in London on Portobello Road to David Cameron, leader of the Tories and likely the next Prime Minister of the UK: ‘Hacked off’ Cameron has his bike stolen
It reminds me of the story about George Bush having his watch stolen while shaking hands in Albania (which may or may not have happened) “At 0.50 minutes into the clip, Bush has a watch. At 1.04 minutes into the clip, he had a watch.”

Car-free Market Street in San Francisco

A proposal to shut Market Street to cars is re-emerging, according to this from SFGate: Fight brews over plan to shut Market Street
The evidence on pedestrian and transit malls is not uniform, but it is important to distinguish causation and correlation. Which pedestrian malls failed because of lack of cars, and which malls were pedestrianized because there was already a decline underway this technique was hoping, but failed, to correct.

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