Solar powered cars on solar powered roads

In the news,

Toyota to add solar panels to Prius hybrid
, or at least is thinking about it, this follows a story about a 100 mpg plug-in solar hybrid being developed at NREL I mentioned a few weeks ago.
We now also see some stories about solar powered roads (or rather solar power from roads) in Ode Magazine:
Solar power from road surfaces

One such idea: “Dutch firm Ooms Avenhorn Holding BV has developed a way to siphon solar heat from asphalt road surfaces” … which was a notion I had when I was in 5th grade or so and still had some imagination. Since blacktop asphalt absorbs heat, we should be able to use it for energy I reasoned. Of course I never implemented it, but I did write my Congresswoman (Beverly Byron, MD 6th District) about the idea and some others, to which I got a perfunctory response, though admittedly a better response than I get nowadays when I write to my federal legislators.
Another idea is solar powered road stud lights, which seem reasonable (just like my garden lights) unless you have snowplows tearing up the road.
But the main idea, turning the road into a solar panel may not withstand the heavy loads of trucks, though a company says it is testing the idea in Idaho.