Shocking pedestrian bridge

In the Pioneer Press Officials close bridge that jolted riders in Maple Grove
“Officials close bridge that jolted riders in Maple Grove
Associated Press
Article Last Updated: 07/03/2008 07:02:51 AM CDT
MAPLE GROVE — Officials in Maple Grove have closed a new pedestrian/bike bridge that was delivering an electric shock to some people who crossed it.
One local bicyclist tells KARE-TV that he rode his bike across it last spring and felt a sensation like a swarm of bees flying into his shorts. The same sensation occurred on a second trip, and he contacted the local park district.
He says one of the park directors told him that at least two other riders had reported the same experience, as had the park director.
The park district consulted the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which built the bridge, and Xcel Energy, which has powerlines nearby. They decided to close it.
An Xcel spokesman says the powerlines are likely generating an electrical field that’s causing the bridge to develop a charge and deliver low voltage jolts to the bicyclists.
A MnDOT spokesman says authorities are looking into how the bridge was built and grounded and plan to correct the problem so they can reopen the bridge.”