Too close to be bused to the neighborhood school

According to my local newspaper
The Bridge
” District transportation officials also eliminated some Pratt bus stops near the Glendale housing development, which is within the school’s walking zone. Isola said many of the new immigrants who live at Glendale don’t feel comfortable letting their children walk to school, however. “We’ve heard anecdotally that we’ve lost students there to other schools farther away that provide busing,? he said. “We’re hoping to restore some of those stops so we can get those students back.?”
The map of the distance is here:,44.968893,-93.219148&saddr=96+Saint+Marys+Ave+SE,+Minneapolis,+MN+55414+(Parents+in+Community+Action+Inc+(Pica):+Glendale)&daddr=pratt+school+55414&mra=pe&mrcr=0&sll=44.823173,-93.424879&sspn=0.372574,0.553436&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17
of course they could walk use local streets, it is literally 2 – 3 blocks away. So, if the story is correct, rather than walk with their children to the neighborhood school, parents would prefer their kids to be bused to a school farther away.

2 thoughts on “Too close to be bused to the neighborhood school

  1. I know that public schools typically do not provide bus for students who live about 0.5 mile aways from school. Parents who worry about their kid’s safety issue may prefer to have their kid go to a school farther away.
    For schools, it is a question of how much we can get out of the investment, especially when gas prices keep on increasing.


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