Carbon ration cards

From the Daily Mail (via Ahmed): Every adult in Britain should be forced to carry ‘carbon ration cards’, say MPs.
Everyone gets carbon credits, but they can be traded.
My first reaction: The transactions costs seem like they would be especially high, isn’t this why “money” was invented? Wouldn’t a carbon tax be more efficient (yes I realize it wouldn’t raise awareness as much, but isn’t that a good thing).

Sarkozy suggests cap on fuel tax

From the BBC: Sarkozy suggests cap on fuel tax
In Europe, gas taxes, in addition to being non-hypothecated, are also percentages of the gas price, as is typical with the value added tax. As the price of gas has risen, so has the revenue generated by the fuel tax. French President Sarkozy has suggested capping this tax (though no “holiday” to be sure). This is compounded by one of France’s many strikes, this time by fishermen who are blockading ports to protest the high price of gas (thereby making it higher).