MidMorning Wednesday

I was at a transportation forum tonight that will be broadcast Wednesday (2/13/08) on Minnesota Public Radio’s Midmorning program.
The forum had 8 experts (1 of whom was me) and an audience of about 75 people. The audience got the most airtime and there was a disproportionate discussion of monorails and PRT. But there was some sensible discussion as well. My words constituted possibly 60 seconds of the whole event. Ah, Democracy.

2 thoughts on “MidMorning Wednesday

  1. Just as in democracy, those who shout the loudest get the most attention.
    I listened to most of this program this morning. It is still surprising how much misinformation continues to float around out there.
    Also, the panel was far too slanted in favor of the Smart Growth crowd. Our problems, whatever they are , are painted as far too monolithic and amenable to easy policy solutions.


  2. “there was a disproportionate discussion of monorails and PRT”
    Err… you should listen to the broadcast yourself, because your perception of the discussion seems to be faulty. They were each mentioned once in the beginning (well, two people talking about PRT, in sequence, for probably less than 30 seconds). The moderator clearly *wanted* to talk about technology, but no one else attempted to engage her on that subject.
    There wasn’t really any discussion about public transit, except perhaps by implication.
    (I agree, however, that the audience had more time than necessary, and the discussion became rather tedious as a result.)


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