Shipping Container Architecture

Via Boing-boing: Making Light: Shipping container architecture. A really nice post about the use of excess shipping containers for housing and other purposes. With the disproportionately one-way flow of containerized commodities from Asia to the US, there are a surplus of containers landing on US shores (most are of course shipped back), the post details a number of articles about their reuse.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Container Architecture

  1. Good article you’ve linked to. Here in London, apart from the odd trendy housing project, they haven’t taken off. But they certainly appeal to me – a neat combination of reducing waste, recycling and solving the problem of those excess containers, in one fell swoop.


  2. I think we really need to smarten up in today’s society. 30% of the worlds population is living easy while the other 70% is barely even able to keep existence. Something wrong with that picture!
    I like the ideas presented in that article but I think it’s not the direction we should be focused on. We keep putting band-aids on gun wounds… Eventually it’s not going to pan out.


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