Zipcar Take 3

I used the Zipcar for the 3rd time this morning. The second time was a week ago. We had a problem, the zipcard could not unlock the zipcar (Element Estelle) (all cars are alliteratively named for their models.
Fortunately when I called, they were able to unlock the adjacent car for me (Matrix McKenna), which I then took with only a few minute delay. Today I signed up for the second car (the Matrix), figuring it worked last time and the first did not. That was a wise choice, as someone else had reserved the other car this morning and had exactly the same problem I did previously, his card could not unlock Element Estelle. I realize Zipcar will do something for you (I am not clear what they will do), but this is a bad sign in general. Of my four interactions with zipcars, (three of my own and one observed for the other poor soul), two did not work correctly.

One thought on “Zipcar Take 3

  1. Just a comment about using the zipcars: I think that perhaps the U could use a few more at each location.
    Quite often my need for a car is fairly spur-of-the-moment (like, I wake up with my back out of whack and need to go see the chiropractor). The zipcars, based on my experience, are NOT really available unless you have a couple of weeks’ lead time available to find one. My first zipcar attempt was very successful because it was for a physical: I was able to schedule it “out” a couple of weeks, then find a car.
    Since then, though, I’ve wished I could find a car quickly (within a day or two) three times, and there is NEVER one free.
    I’m seriously debating whether to continue my membership. I love the idea, but it isn’t working out the way I’d hoped.
    Just my two-cents’-worth.


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