Carpools boon or boondoggle

Speed up car pool lanes, federal officials tell state [California] Nice quote from USC professor Peter Gordon: “There’s no evidence on the planet that car pool lanes have caused car pooling.”
A bit of hyperbole perhaps, certainly casual carpools because of the HOV lanes in San Francisco and Washington DC caused carpools (at the expense of public transportation no doubt), but nevertheless an important point about the futility of weak incentives. The problem is further exacerbated by the attempt to use these lanes to solve other social ills, namely pollution by using them as an incentive for hybrid cars.
One problem … one policy.

Butterflies and Beverages

Bruce Schneier’s Blog: Second Movie-Plot Threat Contest Winner aimed at forcing the TSA to ban something totally innocuous. (highly amusing).

Tickets before or after boarding?

From the Standard: No ticket, no excuse – train guards will show zero tolerance
South West Trains (my local railway in Putney and Barnes, with far better service than some of the lines in other regions) will no longer let passengers buy tickets on trains at reasonable prices.
This seems to be a policy aimed at causing needless delay and annoyance. At most there should be a somewhat higher price (not the outrageous “full fare” prices) for the convenience of paying onboard, rather than queueing (and perhaps missing the next train waiting in queue) to buy tickets. Happier passengers usually means more passengers.