Nightmare at Reagan National Airport: The TSA Strikes Back

Nightmare at National Airport — an update The TSA, rather than protecting its borders, would prefer to protects its ass. They have posted two videos and the official report of the incident.
Though Rashoman-like, the videos clarify nothing. The only question is whether Ms. Emmerson intentionally dumped her water (she clearly spilled it … intentionally?, “he informed the passenger that the child’s container was too big and would have to be poured out” … apparently she did so on the spot, which is probably inappropriate, though the guard did not provide a place to do so) and perhaps whether she tried to pull rank, though the videos have no sound, so this is quite unclear).
Still, it is clear the water was no threat, so why must it be disposed of.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare at Reagan National Airport: The TSA Strikes Back

  1. The bigger issue is her fradulently claiming to be a federal law enforcement officer.
    If you’d do your homework, she was offered the opportunity to either place her water bottle in her checked baggage or dispose of the liquid in one of the public restrooms. which just happen to be located near the checkpoint.
    Her showing up at the last minute (if this mere 15 miunte delay caused her to miss her flight) makes her an automatic candidate for additonal attention at the security screening check point, something a competent Federal Law Enforcement officer would be well aware of.
    Finally, with the large volume of passengers being screened on a daily basis,how do the screeners safely and economically discriminate between water and a clear liquid that is possibly a chemical explosive precursor?


  2. No, the bigger issue is why we let the terrorists win and allow ourselves to live in fear, first of low probability events, and second of armed, uniformed government law enforcement agents who are “just following orders”.
    So what if there are some risks in the world, no need to turn the entire aviation system and our personal lives upside down because some terrorist might do something. 9/11 as such won’t be repeated, the passengers will rebel.
    From time to time planes will fall out of the sky. This is unfortunate, but in my view a risk of life. From time to time, with a lot greater frequency, people crash their cars, or derail their trains, or do other stupid things. Resources are scarce, and harassing air passengers seems among the least productive ways to use those scarce resources.
    Did security think she was a real threat, or were they just miffed and their egos bruised, so they use the fact that they have a monopoly of force and use that monopoly position to make her scrub the floors (or alternatively be arrested).
    Also note she was detained for longer than 15 minutes.
    This is an interesting note from a member of the House of Representatives (and Presidential candidate) about TSA.


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