Mapping Accessibility Over Time

A new paper with Ahmed El-Geneidy publishes some of our results from the Access to Destinations Project … Mapping Accessibility Over Time is now available for download from the Journal of Maps
The Journal of Maps is freely available, though registration is required (user name = email … this is not immediately obvious).
The abstract notes:
“This study compares the changes in levels of accessibility over time in the Minneapolis – St. Paul region using two different modes (car and public transport). The importance of accessibility as a measure of land use and transportation planning performance in the region is revealed by comparing it over time. The longitudinal analysis being conducted shows increases in accessibility by car in most areas in the studied region, and a drop in accessibility by public transport over the period 1990 to 2000. The findings are compared to the levels of congestion in the region between the same time periods. This comparison shows the difference between the two measures and strengthens the importance of accessibility measures as a tool for monitoring and evaluating regional land use and transportation planning performance.”