Ted Stevens’ Polar Express

This is why the federal government should be restricted to projects with interstate significance.

One thought on “Ted Stevens’ Polar Express

  1. This is both hilarious and frightening. The proposal itself is irrational from the perspective of the federal government, yet federal project evaluation standards are so low and earmarks are so prevalent, that there always seems to be a chance that projects like this will be approved.
    Along with Sen. Don Young, Ted Stevens has been directing pork-barrel spending to Alaska for years. Both men wield a large amount of influence on federal appropriations committees and both generally get whatever they want, save for the recent rebuke of the “bridge to nowhere.”
    One may also remember Stevens as the Congressman that once referred to the internet as “a bunch of tubes.”
    Stevens has clearly earned the ire of Citizens against government waste, as his remarks indicate in the linked article. However, CAGW might consider spending more of their time scrutinizing the current proposal to reinstate passenger rail service between Minneapolis and Duluth. Lessons about technology and economics aside, this is a potentially more egregious example of the federal government getting involved in a project with no interstate significance.


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